Design Stage

During this phase, customers of Harder Homes will work with a team of architects who will listen to your needs and put your vision on paper. Architects will develop the first conceptual designs based on discussions from your initial meeting. Customers can select from our plan gallery and modify as you would like, or provide your own ideas. Harder Homes will review your initial concept, discussing options and re -design as required until we have a plan that meets your needs. This phase requires a delicate balance of what you want, what you need and what your budget will allow. This phase can take anywhere from 1 – 3 months.


Once the layout of your home has been finalized, Harder Homes will provide you with the final price to construct your home. The three areas that affect the cost of your home the most are the Type and Size of Home, the Level of Design and the Level of Finish.

  • The Type of Home you have selected in combination with the size of home you are looking to construct will affect the price of your home, making it more or less expensive to build. Whether the home is a bungalow or two-storey, walkout or not, are all factors that will affect the price of your home.
  • The Level of Design refers to how difficult it will be to construct your home. Vaulting, high ceilings, an abundance of windows and steep roof pitches all play a role.
  • The Level of Finish refers to the fit and finish of the home and usually within the customers control as it relates to wants and needs. Hardwood flooring, granite tops, custom tiled showers are a few items on a lengthy list. At Harder Homes, we believe customer choice should be endless and upgrades should not cost an arm and a leg. With high-end features and large allowances, Harder Homes will review every aspect of our detailed specifications for your home to ensure nothing is overlooked and you have a full understanding of what has been included.

The Construction Stage

The construction phase is the most exciting stage as customers can see progress made on a regular basis. At Harder Homes, we have selected trade partners that have a proven record of performance and are familiar with our high standards and construction procedures. Harder Homes will attend the job site on a daily basis to ensure the contractors have all the pertinent information and site visits are scheduled to review progress and address any concerns or changes. This phase can take anywhere from 6-9 months.

For more information on the construction process, click here.

Possession & Servicing

At Harder Homes, we know what it takes to make the transition from house to home, and aim to make your move-in as stress free as possible. Upon completion of the house, we will perform a walk through inspection and complete the certificate of possession for National Home Warranty. Once you’re settled we will conduct an orientation to explain the features of your home and outline items for its proper care and maintenance. At Harder Homes, we believe that the relationships built over the construction process carry on years after the house is complete. We will work with you to make sure that all aspects of your home function as they should, and to see that all of your expectations are met. Harder Homes is committed to long term customer service and support