Whether you want a kitchen or bathroom make-over, wish to redesign your existing living space, or create new space through a basement development, you can rest assured that your project will be managed with the same craftsmanship and quality as all Harder Homes Ltd. homes.


Frequently asked questions about our services:


Does Harder Homes Ltd. provide free no obligation quotes?

Yes – Just contact us and we will arrange a time to come out to quote your project.

Does Harder Homes Ltd. specialize in any particular type of renovation?

No – As a new home construction builder, Harder Homes Ltd. is considered a complete renovator. With every Harder Homes home built, Harder Homes Ltd, has become a specialist in all aspects of the construction process and all types of projects such as kitchens & bathrooms, family living, basement developments and more.

Can Harder Homes Ltd. help us in making design changes?

Yes – In collaboration with our designers, Harder Homes Ltd. is able to assist our customers in choosing what changes they would like to make to their home.

What should I have in place prior to calling for a quote?

The best advice we can give our customers is to do your research and make sure you are committed to the idea of starting a renovation/basement development. Prior to calling for a quote, you should have a rough idea as to:
• what you want done – for example, if you are developing a basement, you should know how many and what types of
rooms you want,
• what you are willing to spend and what your budget is,
• what your timing is – when are you planning on staring the project and when you would like to have it completed.

We will require this information in order to provide you with the most accurate quote as possible.

How much will a renovation cost?

Pin pointing the exact cost of a renovation/basement development is difficult due to the large number of variables involved in the construction and selection process. Once Harder Homes Ltd. has come on site and has obtained an understanding of the scope and scale of the project, a budget will be provided. Based on historical work, Harder Homes Ltd. budgets are within 5% of the actual cost (provided the scope of project remains unchanged).

What financing options are available?

Harder Homes Ltd. offers two options:
• all in pricing
• cost plus general contracting fee

How long with the renovation take?

Depending on what work is being done, a renovation may take 1-6 months, Basement developments are typically completed in 2-3 months. Once the details of the project are finalized, an estimated completion date is provided and adhered to as best as possible.

How much of a disruption to my everyday life should I expect?

Depending on what work is being done, the disruption to your home will vary. Harder Homes Ltd, will minimize disruption by only scheduling trades according to your specified days and times. In addition, Harder Homes Ltd. schedules trades back to back and in some cases overlapping so that the work is completed as quickly as possible. Harder Homes Ltd. also uses a reputable waste management company to ensure that construction materials are properly disposed off and not cluttering your living space.

How does Harder Homes Ltd. rate against other renovators?

Harder Homes Ltd. offers first class general contracting services…just ask our customers! We are able to provide references, both past and present, at your request.

**Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or concerns that you may have.**